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Bollith Bred Poultry

Specialising in quality, free range poultry, perfect for your backyard

Want to know more about each breed?

Breeds at Bollith Poultry

So, you're ready to buy some chickens?? What breed will best suit you??

Here, you'll hopefully gain some insight in to the breeds we specialise it, and why we've chosen these particular breeds. All our breeds at Bollith are always bred to the highest possible standard. Although we don't claim every one of our birds is "show quality", we've individually selected each breeding hen and rooster and we treat them all like pets. Having our own young family we will not tolerate any 'bad behaviour'' or 'attitude' from any of our poultry, choosing to only breed from calm natured chickens, thus, generally ensuring their offspring will have a docile temperament.

In addition, we're working on compiling a List of Breeds you may have previously heard of, but perhaps you can't quite remember what they look like. We'll also include breeds you probably haven't heard of, some rare breeds, some unique breeds, plus some breeds no longer found in Australia. Although Bollith haven't bred all of these, we hope it'll be an opportunity for you to learn a bit more about poultry and each individual breed.