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Bollith Bred Poultry

Specialising in quality, free range poultry, perfect for your backyard


Day Old Chicks                                                     $8.00

1-4 Week Old Chicks                                            $13.00

4-6 Week Old Chicks                                           $15.00

7-10 Week Old Chicks                                         $18.00

10-15 Week Old Pullets                                       $20.00

Pullets & Point of Lay Pullets                               From $30.00

                                                                           Please enquire for further information and availability

** Roosters also available, starting at $5 each **

Large orders may qualify for discounts. Please contact us for a personalised quote


Bollith Poultry hatch a small selection of purebred Dorkings, Wyandottes and Anconas.

Day old chicks start from $8, depending on breed and availability. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Special Orders

If you wish to order a particular breed please contact us for further information, and if you want a breed we dont currently have we are able to order in most breeds.

Please note a 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all orders as these will need to be specifically hatched for you. Please contact us to arrange a quote.

Remember eggs take 21 days to hatch, so if you are thinking about placing a special order please contact us as soon as possible as these things take time.


Chicks 10 weeks and under are sold UNSEXED.

** Strictly no refunds or exchanges on roosters **

These young chicks are purchased with the understanding they are unsexed, therefore no exchange or refund will be given on any roosters.

If you have a rooster you do not want, you may contact us and we can dispose of them for you, free of charge. We strongly believe in high quarantine practices and it is for this reasons we unfortunately can not rehouse any roosters which have left our property.

11+ week old chicks are sexed, and should you receive a rooster in error we will happily exchange or refund it for you.


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