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Bollith Bred Poultry

Specialising in quality, free range poultry, perfect for your backyard

South-West Delivery, OCTOBER 2016

We are now planning our next Delivery to the following locations:


  • Beverley
  • Brookton
  • Pinjelly
  • Narrogin
  • Wagin
  • Katanning
  • Mt Barker
  • Albany (Kalgan River)


  • Denmark
  • Walpole
  • Pemberton
  • Manjimup
  • Margaret River *OR* Bridgetown (Depending on interest)
  • Busselton 

If you're interested in placing an order with us, please read through the following before sending us a message:


Please read through our page here to view the breeds we will have on offer for delivery. Prices are dependent on breed and start at $11/ea.

Breeds are subject to availability and first-in best-dressed. Once our invoice has been sent to the customer I will hold your chicks for 24 hours before offering them to the next customer in-line.

No Fertile eggs available


*A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order. I will send you a detailed invoice outlining your order and an estimated pick up time and location. This is a non-refundable deposit should you change your mind, however this deposit will be deducted from your total amount due.

*The remaining 50% must be paid in cash upon collection, or before delivery date via PayPal or bank transfer if you prefer.

*Bank account details will be forwarded to you, funds must be cleared in our account a minimum of two days before commencement of our delivery run.

* A minimum of 6 chicks (of any breed) per order. Alternatively chicks can be collected from our premises by arrangement.

* A $10 delivery, handling & processing fee will apply to all orders.

* A meeting place and time will be disclosed to you once all orders have been confirmed. Chicks are not delivered to individual houses, rather than at single meeting places within the townsite or along the Hwy.


*I will SMS you on the day as needed with an updated estimated arrival time to your location. Delays sometimes happen and we will advise you asap of any changes. Please ensure you have given me your best contact mobile phone number to reach you.

*Please supply your own cardboard box with suitable bedding for transporting your chicks home in.


*Only week old chicks will be available for delivery. Hatch date is due on the 6th October. If all these sell out we may offer alternative chicks for sale in addition (either slightly younger or slightly older), however transport space will be limited so don't wait and see.

*Chicks will be fed on a quality medicated chick starter crumble by Laucke Mills while in our care.

*All chicks are vaccinated against Marek's Disease

* All chicks are sold unsexed, except for our Silver Grey Dorkings

*As always we follow the Code of Conduct for the Welfare of Animals (Poultry) written by CSIRO. No chicks are to be raised under a light 24/7 and should you not have the proper equipment chicks will not be supplied to you. Please read our guidelines on this here and ensure you have a correct heat emitter available before purchasing chicks. All Equipment and related accessories can also be ordered & supplied from us.


*The welfare of our chicks is our highest priority. If I feel any/all chick/s are not strong or healthy enough for the journey they will not be supplied. Your invoice will be adjusted and/or a refund given for the appropriate amount. I will choose the healthiest looking chicks I can, and I can guarantee all chicks will be healthy for when you receive them yet I cannot offer a refund or replacement should a chick become sick or die in your care.


Thank you for reading! If you're still interested in getting some adorable fluffy chicks delivered to you, please send us a message or call me during business hours on 0447 744 843. Our breed list and price list can be found here. Availability is limited and our last delivery booked out within a few days so don't delay!