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Bollith Bred Poultry

Specialising in quality, free range poultry, perfect for your backyard

Why buy from Bollith Poultry??

Bollith Bred Poultry is a small, family owned, poultry business suituated in the Perth Hills.

We have an extensive selection of hens which we breed from and this means a lot of diversity when it comes to appearance. We have from solid black or browns or blues or whites or reds; to speckled or barred; and anything in between. Please have a look at our Photos section to see for yourself how diverse their colouring may be.

But, Why Hybrids???

We largely focus on breeding quality Hybrids (crossbreeds) rather than purebreeds because our experiences have shown hybrids are generally ‘tougher’ chooks who are prone to far fewer diseases. We only breed from Hens who have proven their egg-laying qualities and who have gentle temperaments so you’re bound to get a reliable egg layer as well as calm natured chook. Finally we’ve just found our Hybrids have a longer lifespan, plus our prices are very competitive and generally far cheaper than purchasing purebreed hens.

I still want Purebreeds, can you help???

Yes! We still breed purebred Australorps, Wyandottes and Dorkings, and we're currently looking to expand our breeding flock further. Please view our FOR SALE page for more information and current availability.


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